There's No Place Like Home

When author and teacher Jane Bedard shifted from working mom to Stay-at-Home Mom, her eyes opened to a brand new world, so different from the one she returned home to each night. With her autopilot control turned off, she was surprised to find a vegetarian, a carnivore, a pescetarian, and two nuggetarians at her kitchen table. When did that happen and what else awaited her?

Join Jane as she addresses daily dilemmas so many of us face, such as:


  • When is it a good idea to tell a stranger to stick a piece of garlic up       her ass?


  • Why is Batmom better than Supermom?


  • If you unexpectedly find yourself in a Thai brothel for a massage, how much do you tip?


  • Is it irresponsible parenting if a game of catch accidentally lands your kids at the edge of the Grand Canyon?


  • How do you say goodbye to the people you love?


THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME celebrates that most domestic and exotic of all professions: The Stay-at-Home Mom, yet embraces women from all vocations with poignant and hilarious commentary on motherhood & childhood, sisterhood & daughterhood, wifehood & friendshiphood…all from within Toronto’s hood and beyond.




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© 2019 by Jane Bedard.