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I know, you've been home for a while...


There's No Place Like Home

Tired of hearing those "un" words: Unprecedented. Uncertain. Unpredictable. It's becoming...Unbearable. But things are looking up! We're phasing up and expanding out! I was a guest author at a virtual book club a few days ago, and I have a live one to attend in a few weeks! There's No Place Like Home would be a great addition to your bookclub, and I would be happy to attend either by zoom, or, depending on your location, in person!  Check out my blog to read about the funny side of COVID and sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date with what's happening in Bedardland–there are few dull moments. Keep reading
for a blurb about my book:

Join Jane as she addresses daily dilemmas so many of us face, such as:


  • When is it a good idea to tell a stranger to stick a piece of garlic up       her ass?


  • Why is Batmom better than Supermom?


  • If you unexpectedly find yourself in a Thai brothel for a massage, how much do you tip?


  • Is it irresponsible parenting if a game of catch accidentally lands your kids at the edge of the Grand Canyon?


  • How do you say goodbye to the people you love?


THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME celebrates that most domestic and exotic of all professions: The Stay-at-Home Mom, yet embraces women from all vocations with poignant and hilarious commentary on motherhood & childhood, sisterhood & daughterhood, wifehood & friendshiphood…all from within Toronto’s hood and beyond.


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