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There's No Place Like Home

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Author Jane Bedard's new book, There's No Place Like Home knocks it out of the playground for moms everywhere! Reviews are in and moms love it!

“There’s No Place Like Home is engaging, relatable, funny, and moving. I felt as if I was living vicariously through an adventurous spirit, who has traded in the tornado of career obligations for the tsunami of family life.”
—CORRIE COE, Whoop-Ass Television Executive and Mother of One

"DO NOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN!!! From the first page, you will sigh, laugh, grieve and relive the love and hilarity that is modern family life. This page turner is full of honesty, transparency and has relationship advice built in! It's a guide to sisterly love and is home to cautionary tales that will have you snorting water though your nose with laughter."

-D GIRVAN-DiSALVINO, Unfiltered Hairdresser and Mother of Two

“As the mother of seven children, all I can say (between tears of laughter and sorrow) is that Jane gets me. A must-read for all moms.”

—ANDREA SIKKEMA, Bad-Ass Stay-at-Home Mother of Seven

“Any working parent who feels the temptation to abandon the office should read There’s No Place Like Home. Jane lays out in hilarious, sometimes heart-wrenching detail how her year off led to adjustment, adventure, connection, and deep reflection on the pivotal moments in life that we often speed by.”
—J. EVELY, Kick-Ass Lawyer and Mother of Three

Combine one cup of the Marvelous Mrs. Mazel with two teaspoons of David Sedaris and you have Jane Bedard!

–M. QUANCE, Photographer Extraordinaire and Mother of Three

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