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“Any working parent who feels the temptation to abandon the office should read There’s No Place Like Home. Jane lays out in hilarious, sometimes heart-wrenching detail how her year off led to adjustment, adventure, connection, and deep reflection on the pivotal moments in life that we often speed by.”
                                                                          —JODY EVELY, Kick-Ass Lawyer and Mother of Three


“There’s No Place Like Home is engaging, relatable, funny, and moving. I felt as if I was living


vicariously through an adventurous spirit, who has traded in the tornado of career obligations for


the tsunami of family life.”

—CORRIE COE, Whoop-Ass Television Executive and Mother of One.


“As the mother of seven children, all I can say (between tears of laughter and sorrow) is that Jane gets


me. A must-read for all moms.”

—ANDREA SIKKEMA, Bad-Ass Stay-at-Home Mother of Seven

"DO NOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN!!! From the first page, you will sigh, laugh, grieve and relive the love and hilarity that is modern family life. This page turner is full of honesty, transparency and has relationship advice built in! It's a guide to sisterly love and is home to cautionary tales that will have you snorting water though your nose with laughter. Go ahead, buy copies for all your friends and loved ones, you won't want to give up your copy. An instant classic, you will want to take this read everywhere you go!"

-D GIRVAN-DiSALVINO, Unfiltered Hairdresser and Mother of Two

"Life's too short to stuff a mushroom! is only one of the many hilariously fitting lines for working or stay-at-home parents everywhere. While reading There's No Place Like Home I found myself truly laughing out loud on many occasions. Jane, the author and main character, brings a fresh take on the insanity, the emotionality, the reality, and the uncertainty of parenting. It's a blast to follow Jane, Peter and the boys through their day-to-day adventures (mostly to avoid cold weather at all costs). No contest a favourite read for this year."

LINDA JOHNSON, Office Guru and Mother of Two

There's no person like Jane and there's no book like Jane's first memoire, There's No Place Like Home. Relatable, witty, and full of honesty, Jane's poignant reflections on the joys and challenges of the stay-at-home mom knocked it out of the park. A highly recommended book as somehow Jane manages to remind us we are doing the best that we can, no matter how we choose to be mothers or how many balls we have in the air.  

LAURA BEAUNE, Bad-Ass Grant Writer transitioning to SAHM and Mother of One

Such a wonderfully funny book! An honest and candid look at the joys and sacrifices of choosing life as a stay at home parent. Also the poignant reminders to live with joy and adventure to our last day.

M. Ptolemy-Daly, Is That the Best You got? Stay-at-Home Mother of Two 

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